NIS+ password database support

Stefan Nehlsen stn at
Wed May 20 14:00:31 GMT 1998

> calling all linux users: use altavista, specify "Thorsten Kukuk NIS+". 
> click on his home page.  download "Linux NIS+", follow complicated
> instructions if you have slackware 3.4 linux.

There is a much more interesting page that was only announce on
the mailinglist:

I tried this and it first seemed to work nicely:

	- niscat etc  worked
	- I could login to this nis+-Linux-Client

But at this I and somebody got problems with the nisplus server.

Thorsten couldn't reproduce this problem.

I haven't tried it since then and this machine has moved into a freebsd
controlled by my collegue.

I think it doesn't make much sense to play with the client only stuff.

> get latest version of samba
> from cvs tree, enjoy!
> p.s if anyone gets the linux nis+ stuff working, can they tell me how to
> use it, pleease? :-)

cu, Stefan

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