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Wed May 20 13:01:30 GMT 1998

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> As it turns out, there isn't a problem at all.  It seems that while 
> there are versions of NT (WinDD, NTriuge) that will allow you to 
> connect to a server with different usernames, the standard 
> Microshaft... uh I mean Microsoft workstation software that comes with 
> NT and the Client for Microsoft Networks that comes with Windows 95 
> will not.  NFS Maestro works only because it uses it's own client 
> software on NT/95.
> If you have access to an NT server, try connecting two drives to the 
> same share using different usernames.  The error is the same.
> "The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of 
> credentials"

There is a small workaround for this as Paul Aston has pointed out
previously on the samba-ntdom list I think.  The problem lies with the
NT redirector.  The workaround is to use a different server name ( or IP
) for the different user account.  For example

	net use x: \\server\share1 /user:user1
	net use z: \\xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx\share2 /user:user2

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of <server> will succedd ( after
you provide the respective passwords of course ).

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