password API needed

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue May 19 18:21:44 GMT 1998

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> ok: i've just added code that allows "optional" support for get/add/mod -
> smb_passwd or sam_passwd functions.  there are three get, one add and one
> mod set of smb and sam21 functions.
> if neither are supported by the back-end password database, a run-time
> warning is generated.

I'm getting Luke to fix this - for the reasons I posted
yesterday. There should be no null entries in the vector

He is going to put this back as it was :-).

> i also reverted some code that immediately converts rids to unix uids,
> inside the lib/rpc code.  i do not believe that this is a good idea: it
> places a restriction on all password database systems that there must
> exist a monotonic mapping of unix uids to nt user rids, in order to do
> proper lookups by rid (which is unique).

My opinion is that this mapping *has* to exist
for a password database to function in a UNIX

> the limitation (restriction) inherent in one password database system,
> because it does not support rids and has to use pdb_user_rid_to_uid()
> should not be imposed on the samba domains code, in my opinion.

This is still a hotly contested issue. We've had
'discussions' on this :-). We've decided to leave
in the lookup by rid code for now - but I still want
it gone from the tree :-) :-).


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