How can linux do this?

Adrian Taylor A.J.Taylor at
Tue May 19 08:31:22 GMT 1998

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> >Yes, NT does do that, no Linux can not do that. It is a function of user
> >management within NT. NT would recognize the difference because of the
> >security token that is passed during logon. The ACL is read telling the
> >token what profile to use and file/directory rights the user has. The
> >profiles could quite possibly be stored on an Linux system, but the drive
> >would have to "mapped" before the logon took place. Linux does not have the
> >ability (yet) to do this.
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> >Shon Nixon, MCSE and avid Linux user.

I know it's not strictly the greatest way to do it, but I cheat a little 
and use TweakUI (on both NT and 95) to specify where a user's desktop and 
profile etc. are stored.

For normal users I use their home directory, which I map to drive S: at 
log on via samba's netlogon stuff, and for classes, I map a drive F: which 
has the class profiles on.

Not elegant, but it does work!
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