password API needed

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Mon May 18 18:56:30 GMT 1998


	I am looking through what you have done in
passdb.c etc. You have confused functions that return
smb_passwd entries and funtions that return sam_passwd

As an example :

You now have 

	getsampwnam and getsampwuid returning a struct smb_passwd.

This makes no sense - if they return a smb_passwd
they should be called getsmbpwnam and getsmbpwuid (as they
were originally).

You then have getsam21pwnam returning a struct sam_passwd.
This is ok.

You need to make explicit in the function name
what it will return.

This means that (to stick to your current naming
structure) anything returning a sam_passwd struct
should be called get/setsam21XXXX(), to make it
clear it's returning something different from a

All functions returning an smb_passwd must be
called get/setsmbXXXXX.

I will make these changes, as it will clarify a
great deal of code.


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