Password synchronization

Alan Schmitz alans at
Fri May 15 13:51:53 GMT 1998

Jeremy Allison wrote:

> That, I can't. The only output we get from the UNIX
> passwd command is the return code of the command. There
> is no way to return any text to the user (There is only
> a 16 bit status field in the return value to Win95).
> Although Win95 has a 'password too short' error value,
> it would be very difficult to extract this from all
> the /bin/passwd varients that exist.

I was referring to the password checking that Samba does now in
chgpasswd, or could be expanded to do, before it determines that it can
call /bin/passwd.  /bin/passwd will hardly ever return an error code
when it's run as root, since root can usually set the password to just
about any arbitrary string.
> Try the following patch (this will be in 1.9.19alpha
> series) - it will do the first part of what you want.

The patch worked great, thanks!


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