NT Services for UNIX

Adrian Taylor A.J.Taylor at soton.ac.uk
Thu May 14 09:03:54 GMT 1998

Microsoft seem to have decided to reinvent the wheel. Do they 
think that by calling what seems to be basically PC-NFS a 
'Microsoft friendly' name, that people will rush out and buy it??

Ok, so NFS is a 'nice', reasonably seamless way of exporting files.

To my mind, it has one advantage over samba that will sell it to 
the punters...
1. It has the M$ badge - doesn't mean it's any good :-)

The disadvantages :
1. NFS is not 'native' to Windows
2. Security. This isn't so much of a problem in smallish places, 
but in our university environment, this can be quite troublesome.. 
We would have to export our filestore to many thousands of 
machines on / off campus, which would be totally out of our 
control. One malicious user with a UNIX box (linux, whatever) and 
the root password to their own UNIX box can basically do whatever 
they like to anybody else's filestore. Not good..
3. It'll cost money :-)

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