Silly me.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Thu May 14 04:00:10 GMT 1998


Okay, good.  If anyone *does* find such a beast *please* let me know.  I 
can work around that too, but it's more of a pain.

I've fixed the ubiqx modules so that they don't use signed char (easy). 
I'm still testing but it all looks right.  The next thing to do is work
out a fix for the NULL issue that meets everyone's needs & expectations. 

Perhaps what I need from you, Andrew, is a better idea of what the Samba 
includes.h is supposed to be.  As I said before, I was told to put the 
ubiqx headers in there.  Is that really what is wanted?

I could use some more background.

Chris -)-----

> > So, my question (to Andrew, I guess, since he knows this stuff cold
> > anyway) is:  Are there any systems out there that don't like "unsigned
> > char"? 
> not that I know of!
> in fact, I was surprised to find one that didn't like "signed
> char". Just shows you how broken some compilers are :)
> Cheers, Andrew

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