configuration, ldap and NetInfo

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue May 12 12:28:18 GMT 1998

On Tue, 12 May 1998, Robert Frank wrote:

> <nofill> > robert,
> > 
> > regarding the password database api, i apologise: i have broken your
> > netinfo patch, and caused you a lot of work.  sorry `  so, with some
> > trepidation, can i ask you if you could update to support the new (beta)
> > password api in passdb.c?
> </nofill>
> I must admit that I havn't been looking into samba for several weeks,
> although I keep checking out the newest version every second day. I had
> the impression that things were far too much in flux and that I'd end up
> writing new NetInfo versions every day.

specifically in the password area, that would be true.  with the
introduction of the password api, that's settled down.  development of
ldap, netinfo and private/smbpasswd can now be done in parallel without
affecting each other.

> <nofill>
> However, I'll have a look again starting Wednesday night.

cool :-)
> > i'm just writing a message about extensions to smbpass.c now, but i
> > thought i'd elicit a response from you about netinfo, so that you don't
> > feel left out `

> </nofill>I certainly don't feel left out. And I'm happy to see that NetInfo is part
> of Samba (I guess the folks at Apple too, as they seem to want to use
> Samba for Windows connectivity ...)

yeah, but they haven't exactly bothered to get back to me, despite several
attempts to communicate with their marketing machine...

> <nofill>
> > if you could possibly separate out the code that does the printer support
> > from the netinfo support (check out several copies of the samba cvs tree
> > and make separate modifications to each: this i find to be a useful
> > parallel development technique, and it will allow you to easily send us
> > separate patches).

> Not quite sure what you mean here, but I'll look into the newest stuff first.

check out two or more copies of samba's cvs repository.  make the
"printer" modifications i think you mentioned that you had done in one.
make the "netinfo" modifications in another.  make any "bugfixes" in yet

send us separate patches for each, by doing cvs -t diff -u -w -b -B >


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