Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at cb1.com
Mon May 11 13:03:27 GMT 1998


i'm sorry but i need to specifically _not_ treat trust accounts
differently (except for the password) from user accounts.   i am creating
a "ldap_get_sam_passwd()" function, which obtains all the SAM_USER_INFO_21
fields (but strings are not in unicode).

you have a ldap_get_machine() and a ldap_get_user() function both of which
fill in an smb_passwd structure.  ldap_get_sam_passwd() is the equivalent
of ldap_get_user() but returns more information; i don't want to have to
create a similarly (large) function which effectively does exactly the
same thing.

are you ok with just taking the lookup-performance hit by not making the
distinction between trust accounts (ACB_WKSTRUST, ACB_SRVTRUST,
ACB_DOMTRUST) and interactive user accounts (ACB_NORMAL) or can you think
of another good reason (other than performance gains) to justify keeping
them separate (e.g that's what NT 5 does, or anything)?


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