Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu May 7 16:53:04 GMT 1998

daniel, can we move this one to samba-technical.  yes, of course it's
possible: i'd like to discuss how.

there are four sets of structures that should be stored in shared memory. 
users, sessions, files and... forgotten (lib/rpc/include/rpc_srvsvc.h) oh
yes, shares, but shares are kept in smb.conf and are not so dynamic.

sessions and files are currently stored in shared memory; users are not.

so, if that's done, then yes, this feature can be added.


On Fri, 8 May 1998, Daniel Fonseca wrote:

> Hi all.
> Got a particular question for you.
> Do you find it feasible to have single NT logins?
> What I mean by this is one user logging in and samba automagically deny
> all future logon's by the same username (answering invalid password or
> whatever) thus making impossible for two different people to share the
> same username (I don't want to think that we're being cheated over here
> :-) at the same time, to get access to the WorkStations.
> I think this would be a rather nice feature, and don't mind working on it
> if I get the right directions. Just hack server.c and do some logged on
> user lookups? Maybe set a up a special group which has these restrictions
> and place (yet another) smb.conf directive like:
> "single-login = @students" or something.
> Tell me what do you think of this.
> Daniel

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