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Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Wed May 6 18:08:14 GMT 1998

> Hi Chris,

Hi Andrew,

> You use a pointer to "free" in the new mangled cache stuff. You can't
> do that. free() could easily be a macro on some systems.

Ahh.  Good point.  Quick fix similar to the one you outlined below.

> anyway, a quick fix would be to use a ubiqx_free function that calls
> free. Preferably inside a module that includes the standard Samba
> includes so it can benefit from -DMEM_MAN if defined.

I would add it to mangle.c, just below the comparison function.

> Maybe a better fix is to not pass a free function at all to ubiqx init
> calls. maybe ubiqx should really clean up its own memory via some sort
> of ubi_Destroy() call ?

No good.  The tree and list modules don't know anything about how the
memory is being managed.  It may be a free list, or a chunk of a large
pre-allocated buffer, or something else.  I originally wrote this stuff to
work on an Amiga and assumed that people might want to use the low-level
OS memory management calls in the exec.library. 

The cache is built on top of the trees, so I put a pointer to a free 
function into the cache header.  I let the calling code allocate the 
needed memory, but the cache may need to free an entry at any time, thus 
the call-back.

So, the *right* way to do it is as you suggest: I'll check in a new 
mangle.c with a cache_free_entry() function *of the correct type* as soon 
as it's tested.

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