nmblookup question

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Wed May 6 11:21:40 GMT 1998

> The "no" side: most MS implementations of netbios (NT 3.5 was an
> exception for some unknown reason) send the response to a node status
> request back to the wrong port number! They always send it to port 137
> no matter what the originating port of the request was. That means the
> above nmblookup command will appear to fail for most MS machines. If
> you look with a sniffer then you will see that it didn't fail, it's
> just that nmblookup wasn't listening on 137. If you have the debug up
> high in nmbd then you will see that nmbd will have received the
> response and printed it into the log file.

ah.  yes, forgot to mention: if you want nmblookup to work (when nmbd is
not running on the same machine) you must change the call
open_sockets(...) so that it passes 137 not 0 as the port number to


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