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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue May 5 09:46:01 GMT 1998

On Sat, 2 May 1998, Jean-Francois Micouleau wrote:

> I've implemented ldap_get_smbpwd_entry_by_uid, and i'm facing something
> interresting.
> You can have several users with the same uid in /etc/passwd and so do I in
> my ldap base. Fo example let's say we have root and administrator as 2
> entries each one with an uid=0 attribute.
> I should return only one entry, but which one ? If I return the first one,
> I'm not sure if it will be same depending on which ldap server I use
> (umich or netscape). I don't have a netscape server.

this is a known problem that needs to be addressed by _not_ having a
function that returns by unix uid but returns by NT RID:  NT RIDs must be
unique.  then if the unix uid is needed, you call nt_user_rid_to_unix_uid.

none of the NT dce/rpc functions look up by unix uid, so this issue goes

jeremy this is also exactly why the get_smbpwd_entry_by_uid function must
be get_smb_entry_by_nt_rid.


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