Mangle again.

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Mar 31 22:04:48 GMT 1998

Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> This is probably for Jeremy and Andrew,
> I want to know if illegal_name() should go away...
> There is an internal function called illegal_name() in mangle.c.
> Basically, it checks an input string to determine whether it contains any
> of the following illegal characters:
>   "*\\/?<>|\":"

No I don't think it should. It's designed to
prevent legal UNIX filenames being created
or sent back to the client that DOS programs 
would find illegal.

> There is also a macro called isdoschar() which tests a character to see if
> it is a legal DOS character.  This macro appears to return True for
> alphanumeric characters (isalnum()) and for characters in
>   "._^$~!#%&-{}()@'`"
> illegal_name() is only used once:
> BOOL name_map_mangle( char *OutName, BOOL need83, int snum )
>   {
>   if( !need83 && illegal_name(OutName) )
>     need83 = True;
> #endif
>   :
>   :
> So... my question:
> Is this a left-over from before the code-page stuff?  If so should it,
> perhaps, be written as:
> static BOOL illegal_name( char *name )
>   {
>   while( *name )
>     {
>     if( !isdoschar( *name ) )
>       return( True );
>     }
>   return( False );
>   } /* illegal_name */

Nope - I think it's correct as is. The decision
to mangle can be made if the filename would be
impossible to see under DOS/Windows - in this case
the mangling is to change these filenames into
something Windows can use. Remember, these
'illegal' characters can be valid in a
pathname sent *from* the client (wildcards
etc), just not in a pathname sent back.

The isdoschar has a different use, within the
is_8_3 function, to determine if a name is
a valid 8.3 to send back to the client.

The multibyte codepage stuff is not affected
by this code (check out the skip_multibyte_char)
call in mangle_name_83().


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