Mangle again.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Tue Mar 31 21:45:53 GMT 1998

This is probably for Jeremy and Andrew,

I want to know if illegal_name() should go away...

There is an internal function called illegal_name() in mangle.c.  
Basically, it checks an input string to determine whether it contains any 
of the following illegal characters:


There is also a macro called isdoschar() which tests a character to see if
it is a legal DOS character.  This macro appears to return True for
alphanumeric characters (isalnum()) and for characters in


illegal_name() is only used once:

BOOL name_map_mangle( char *OutName, BOOL need83, int snum )
  if( !need83 && illegal_name(OutName) )
    need83 = True; 

So... my question:

Is this a left-over from before the code-page stuff?  If so should it, 
perhaps, be written as:

static BOOL illegal_name( char *name )
  while( *name )
    if( !isdoschar( *name ) )
      return( True );
  return( False );
  } /* illegal_name */

or should it, perhaps, be dropped?

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