smbclient debuglevel

Simon Hyde shyde at
Thu Mar 26 16:42:29 GMT 1998

On Thu, 26 Mar 1998 13:24:50 +1100, you wrote:

>While debugging smb2www I found out that the debuglevel in smb.conf isn't
>overrided by the -d option of smbclient.

It doesn't do it straight away will chunter along at the
command line debug level until it's read in smb.conf :-).

>Figuring this oddity out took me the greatest part of an evening. 


>This was on a 1.9.18p1 smbclient, and I
>have had other reports from beta testers that this applies to other
>versions as well.

>Is this the intended behaviour ? I'd say it is counter-intuitive to say
>the least. Can we please change this behaviour so that the command line
>options have the final word ?

This was noticed by luke a while back and I believe it has been changed in
the NTDOM branch version of smbclient, perhaps it should be changed in the
main (and even the 1.9.18?) branch too if it isn't too much work. I've just
seen a couple of messages on Samba Bugs complaining about this one...

Simon Hyde

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