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Thu Mar 26 14:43:00 GMT 1998


For general assistance on Samba you should use the general mailing list.
Samba-Technical is purely for discussion of technical issues pertaining to
the design and/or implementation of Samba and to discuss development
issues. It is very definitely NOT a general help list.

Please refer to the samba web page for detail on subscribing to
samba at - that should get you greater satisfaction than
this list.

If you have a suspected bug to report, then you should mail to
samba-bugs at That will get action from our bug tracking
system and ensures that your posting will not get lost. We have handled
about 6000 bug reports since August 1977 - just FYI.

John H Terpstra - Samba-Team

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, Mike K wrote:

> Hello, forgive me for my ignorance, but is this list designed for
> technical assitance with Samba, or a more detail discussion?
> It seems that the last 20 messages since I've join are more
> on a source-code level. Could someone direct me to the proper
> resource for help in setup of samba?
> Thank you,
> mike kelleher
> SMA Video

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