smbclient debuglevel

Remco van Mook remco at
Thu Mar 26 02:23:06 GMT 1998

While debugging smb2www I found out that the debuglevel in smb.conf isn't
overrided by the -d option of smbclient. Figuring this oddity out took me
the greatest part of an evening. This was on a 1.9.18p1 smbclient, and I
have had other reports from beta testers that this applies to other
versions as well.

Is this the intended behaviour ? I'd say it is counter-intuitive to say
the least. Can we please change this behaviour so that the command line
options have the final word ?



(Yes, SMB2WWW is getting there. In the past few days, I have removed quite
a number of nasty bugs, off-by-ones etc. etc. Expect a final release
within a week or so.)

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