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Tue Mar 24 16:21:38 GMT 1998

On Wed, 25 Mar 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> > Dave Fencick has proposed doing some magic ORB stuff with Samba. He
> > wants to build a ORB interface so people can administer Samba from a
> > ORB aware system. The following email should get samba-technical up to
> > speed. Of course, as this was an email from me it probably paints a
> > different picture to what Dave would paint ... let the discussion begin!
> correct me if my perceptions are wrong, but the strategic aim is to
> provide a remote method of administering samba.  this requires some IPC
> mechanism.  the mechanism needs to be as suitable for internal
> communication (on the same machine, between daemons) as it does for remote
> communication (on different machines over a network)
> suggested means:
> 1) CORBA
> 2) DCE/RPC
> 3) proprietary.
> comments and such-like, anyone?

I agree with andrew on this, ORB is great but i would like to know the
percentage of people running an ORB and samba on the same machine.

My point of view is to go to a small http server like swat for the
unix/new administrators with a step by step menu for the first
installation and lynx compliant ! 

To not forgot the people coming from the NT world, I would also like to
see a DCE/RPC mecanism to  be able to use the microsoft tools.

Hum, in an previous life I was in charge of several samba servers and
hundreds of PC, I liked samba because it was simple to setup and manage,
if I had to install several packages just to have a nice interface I would
have gived up before :-)

	Jean Francois

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