SWAT wish list

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Tue Mar 17 06:10:18 GMT 1998

> I'd like to see a way to have the status page automatically update
> every minute or so. 

yes, but to do that we need to start using JavaScript. So far I've
been trying to avoid anything but plain HTML-3.2. 

Is anyone on this list a JavaScript programmer? Could they show me how
to add a bit of stuff so that a page auto-refreshes every minute? It
must also work as it currently does on browsers that don't do
> Also is there a way to print all the service parameters now that
> testparm has been changed to only print the non-default ones?

hmmm, yes I can see why that would be useful. I do like the new
behaviour by default though.

How about a "-a" switch to testparm that views all global settings
(like before) and a button (a bit like the "advanced view" button) in
SWAT that does the same. Does that sound ok?

> Sometimes it might be good to be able to dump everything so we can
> test what is being set by default. For instance I noticed that the
> smb.conf man page says that the default for printcap name is
> /etc/printcap but when printing is set to sysv it actually defaults
> to lpstat.

yep. We should probably also update the man page :-)

Cheers, Andrew

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