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Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Mon Mar 16 22:06:21 GMT 1998

> Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> > 
> > Groan.
> > 
> > Um... I do think that I've mentioned this sort of thing a few times.  I
> > wanted to go a bit further, though, and add in alternate means for
> > resolving names.  I've done a bit of work on the idea.  I'll take a look
> > at what you've done and see how I can adapt.
> > 
> Well the point of doing it the way I did was the
> principle of 'least suprises' - ie. if someone
> upgrades their Samba server to the new code
> and doesn't read any of the docs then the new
> code behaves exactly as the old code does - no
> smb.conf changes needed.

I didn't say I wanted to surprise anyone.  Actually, *I* was the one who
was surprised.

I haven't looked at what you've done yet.  Perhaps it will make my job
easier.  It's just that I'd said a few times that I wanted to work on this
(in the ;login: article, too), so I was surprised that you'd done it
without letting me know.  I probably wasn't vocal enough, I s'pose.

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