Obsolete settings, still around

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Tue Mar 10 13:30:13 GMT 1998

> not referred to at all inside loadparm.c or outside:
> >     character set           (lp_character_set)
> >     domain controller       (lp_domain_controller)
> >     getwd cache             (lp_getwdcache)
> >     keepalive               (lp_keepalive)
> >     max packet, packet size (lp_maxpacket)

Some of these are in fact referred to. For example, keepalive is used
but not via the standard lp_keepalive() interface, instead it is
declared an extern. This is really just a hangover from earlier code.

Similarly for getwd_cache and character_set (although the latter is a
tricky special case).

The max packet and packet size are there for backward compatibility
with old configs. We can probably remove them now.

We probably do need a bit of housekeeping done, but it needs to be
done carefully. Not all is as it seems :-)

I'd also like to revisit the config defaults for the next major
version (ie. after 1.9.18) as some of the defaults are pretty
silly. We should remember to look at them before the release.

Cheers, Andrew

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