SWAT demo

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Tue Mar 10 13:10:04 GMT 1998

> Are you planning to let the web server (or pseudo-web server) do all
> the authentication a la jitterbug to keep the functions separate?

Currently it has HTTP Basic authentication built in, and asks for the
root password. I'm considering changing it to instead have a built in
login page of some sort, but I haven't really thought that through
yet. The range of options are unfortunately fairly limited due to the
limited client (browser) capabilities. We could use a Java
authentication system but I don't really want to use Java if I can
avoid it.

> Perhaps an RPC-based configurator is a separate program (SRAT?) Nobody is 
> going to be mixing HTTP and RPC in a single configuration session somehow 
> are they? 

I think Luke was referring to user management like the "User Manager
for Domains". In particular he wanted to be able to manage remote
servers (either NT or Samba) via the DCE over SMB code. That does make
some sense and will require the building of appropriate function
libraries (some of which are already done) and interface code. 

I just think it is a bit ambitious for a first version. The first
thing we need is a GUI Samba manager and after we get that going
fairly well we can think about extensions.

Cheers, Andrew

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