Obsolete settings, still around

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Sun Mar 8 13:51:14 GMT 1998

at john's prompting, here's a closer (quick) look at the parameters that
are not used outside of loadparm.c, and also a quick assessement.

> I was looking for the actual code of the 'domain controller' setting and, unsurprisingly, I discovered it to be declared in loadparm.c, but never used elsewhere.
> Being curious, I made a small script to discover other samba settings declared but never used, by which I got the following list:

referenced only in loadparm.c by "wrapper" functions which are called
outside of loadparm.c:

>     announce as             (lp_announce_as)
>     announce version        (lp_announce_version)
>     preload, auto services  (lp_auto_services)
>     load printers           (lp_load_printers)
>     time server             (lp_time_server)
>     volume                  (lp_volume)

not referred to at all inside loadparm.c or outside:

>     character set           (lp_character_set)
>     domain controller       (lp_domain_controller)
>     getwd cache             (lp_getwdcache)
>     keepalive               (lp_keepalive)
>     max packet, packet size (lp_maxpacket)

ok.  my opinion is that of the former group, some of these should not be
in loadparm.c - e.g the time server and announce functions.  others (load
printers) are there for the manipulation of services, where it is
loadparm.c's job to create those services, so that's ok :-) 

of the latter group, they need to be individually assessed.

however, this is not a question for the samba-ntdom list, so i haven't
replied to them there.


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