SMB_QUERY_FILE_ALL_INFO information level

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Tue Jun 30 00:44:38 GMT 1998


I've been looking over the definition of the data returned for the 
information level SMB_QUERY_FILE_ALL_INFO and am a bit puzzled.  The
MS CIFS spec contains what looks to be a typo in that the Index Number
field appears twice in the data returned.

Looking at the samba code (call_trans2qfilepathinfo in trans2.c),
doesn't clear this up in that some of the fields are larger than
I would think according to the spec.  For example, the Attributes
field (first field after the change time should be 2 bytes according
to the spec, but appears to be 8 bytes in the samba code.  Is this

When I add up the size of the structure from the spec (removing the
duplicate Index Number), the length is 92 bytes + the length of the
file name.  When I add up what samba is doing, I get 100 bytes + the
length of the file name.

Does anyone know what the correct definition is?


TTFN - Guy

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