Producing LM/NT Hashes

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Jun 19 15:15:05 GMT 1998

Greetings Samba gurus-

We've been banging our heads against this for three days now, and have
decided it's time to ask the experts.

Basically, we're in need of a tool that will take as input a cleartext
password and produce, as output, the LM and NT hashes for an smbpasswd
file.  This would be used in conjunction with some specialized scripts for
password changing on our network.  We've been hacking around in the
smbpasswd source with no luck whatsoever -- we just keep getting what
looks like garbage on the output when we try to use what seem like the
right functions in our code.

Any advice?

Many thanks!
Andrew J. Perrin - aperrin at - NT/Unix Admin/Support
Department of Demography    -    University of California at Berkeley
2232 Piedmont Avenue #2120  -    Berkeley, California, 94720-2120 USA --------------------------SEIU1199

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