max connections/licensing - a better way?

Andy Smith abs at
Sun Jun 14 09:29:10 GMT 1998

On Sun, Jun 14, 1998 at 06:42:38PM +1000, Paul W Blackman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I try to use 'Max Connections = x' for licensing control of applications on
> specific shares, but it doesn't work 100% as some PCs seem to keep a
> connection even when they aren't using the drive....
> Could a 'license lock' option be created (like file locks?) to prevent
> access to a particular file when 'licensed connections = x' is reached?

Off-topic I know, but we use something called 'locker' to keep our
concurrency straight.  Intended for pc/nfs drives, we find it works
fine on samba drives as well.  I am nothing to do with the firm, just a
grateful user.  I forget where I got it from (I'm at home right now),
but I can send details tomorrow if anyone asks me.  From the README :-



1.1 What is LOCKER

LOCKER is a program which meters software on a network. It controls the
number of users that may run a DOS or WINDOWS executable (*.COM & *.EXE
files) concurrently. You can also meter software which resides on a
local hard disk, in this case the user will only be able to run the
program when they are logged in to the network.

LOCKER is run from a console from which you can:
Add metering to a program,
Change the metering limit on a program,
Remove the metering from a program,
See the number of active users for a program,
See what the peak number of users was for a program,
See the number of times a user had to wait to run a program
See the number of times a user canceled out of waiting for a program to
    be available.

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