variable length strings in smbclient

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Thu Jun 11 08:29:35 GMT 1998


I was about to add variable length string support to client.c and clitar.c
so that clitar.c can handle directory paths longer than 1024 bytes
(although the length restriction will be the size of an SMB minus the
header overhead).

I was planning to create a set of routines var_str{cpy|cat} that would be
passed a pointer to a pointer to a string, and a string length, and if it
found that the destination string was too short, would lengthen it
(alloc/realloc) and then copy  ot cat ...

However, when I was checking the source for what samba does, I find that in
places like reply.c pstrings are used extensively. In functions like
reply_chkpth, a pstring us used to copy the name to, thus limiting these
functions to handling path lenghts of up to 1024 bytes and no more ...

So, I was wondering if anyone is planning on putting any work into this? It
should be relatively easy in the main samba code. For the most part, simply
allocate a string of the size specified in the SMB and copy ...

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