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Mon Jun 8 08:11:43 GMT 1998

>Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 10:11:12 +1000
>From: Keith Lewis <keith at>
>Subject: Re:  Samba and DU 4.0D and 31-bit UIDs/GIDs
>To: sharpe at
>> has anyone run Samba under DU 4.0d with 31-bit UIDs enabled? In the Samba
>> team, we are interested in hearing about your experiences.
>> Presumably you had to recompile if you upgraded from 4.0[abc]?
>> Any problems? 
>	Monash Uni has been running Samba on Alphas for some time.
>	It seems to work.
>	We have two versions installed.  One for C2 machines and another for
>standard UNIX security (or lack thereof).  (And its installed on our SUNs,
>SGI boxes, and Ultrix boxes.  And our Linux boxes).
>	This year we have been running it on a cluster of two 4.0D machines.
>	No complaints.  Several users have told us they depend on it.
>	There are some features we would like that samba doesn't have
>though...  We are curretly trying to find a way to provide NFS served file
>systems to our existing Novell users.  Mars, LWared, and Samba all require
>that users authenticate themselves to the server.  This is sufficiently
>different to what the users are used to (Novell transparent authentication
>and drive mapping, using NDS or Bindery) that we have not been able to use
>any of these systems.  And the Novel NFS product leaves much to be desired.
>	We recompile fairly regularly.
>	I'm not sertain about the 31 bit uids you mention.
>	In /usr/include/sys/types uid is defined and unsigned int which I
>thought was 32 bits...  But I'm not fussed about one bit.  On the other hand
>out DECstations are giving us nigthmares since we have more than 32000 users.
>	If I can help in any way please let me know.
>	We really appreciate Samba.  Without it my life would be much more
>difficult.  But I personally dislike the way it sends my password in the
>clear over the local ethernet...
>Keith Lewis
>Version: 2.6.2i

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