Connecting to Samba Server with WIN95 PPP

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jun 5 08:30:42 GMT 1998

Hi Melvin,

At 02:00 AM 6/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I am tring to connect to the SAMBA Server through WIN95 PPP connection.
>I keep getting the password error message.  What is the cause and
>solution.  Thanks.

Ok, when you last responded to me, your network number (Class C) and
netmask indicate that you won't have a problem with the Microsoft netmask
bug in Win 95.

The invalid password message is an indication that things are going wrong
with the communications between the two machines.

I wish I had my web page ready that shows people how to configure this, but
I don't :-(

Things to check. I will assume that you can get into the Networks area of
Control pannel.

1. Make sure that your Workgroup is set to the domain name of the server
you wish to log onto (I assume that you want to do a logon). This is under
the identification tab.

2. Make sure that you are logging onto the domain in the configuration
area. This is under "Client for Microsoft Networks", Properties. Fill in
the Domain correctly and select one of the two logon methods.

3. Make sure that you have Use DHCP for WINS selected under the Wins
section of your DialUp Adapter --> TCP/IP (or just TCP/IP if you do not
have any Ethernet or other adapters) properties area.

4. Make sure that under the DialUp Network icon properties for your target,
your TCP/IP Settings from Server Types have the following set:

  - Server assigned IP address and Server assigned Name server addresses,
    but only if your PPP server is handing our DNS server addresses and WINS 
    server addresses.  If it is not, you may not get this lot to work.

You may also need to ensure that the PPP server you are connecting to is
doing PROXY ARP and will need an ms-dns entry and an ms-wins entry in the
PPP options file.

It might help if your could give us a trace of what is happening when you
try to access a share. If the PPP server is a UNIX box, you should be able
to use tcpdump to log what is coming in on the ppp line (ppp0 or ppp1 or
...), and uuencode that and send it to us. You will want tcpdump -s 1500 -w
<file> and make sure you start it before you try to access the share (map
network drive) and stop it after you get the error message back.

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