31/32 bit UIDs and GIDs

Richard Sharpe sharpe at ns.aus.com
Fri Jun 5 08:18:24 GMT 1998


I have just discovered that Digital UNIX 4.0D has the capability of using
31/32-bit UIDs and GIDs.  This capability is switched off by default.

Other UNIXen may also have this capability.  I wonder which ones?

My main questions are:

  What impact does this have on Samba? UID_T on DU will be larger, so does
  impact anything?

  There are funny things that can happen if you switch back to 16-bit UIDs, 
  like accounts and files with larger UIDs becoming inaccessible.  What
  will this have?

John has an Alpha box which he might like to put DU 4.0D up on for testing.
We would want to make sure that where possible, versions of DU prior to
3.2D still worked as well as 4.2D and beyond.  It might even be good if one
binary could be built that supports both flavours ...

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