password API needed

Danny Braniss danny at
Fri Jun 5 07:47:44 GMT 1998

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.980604143938.98G-100000 at>you write:
}the three functions at the bottom of this table are suggested extensions
}(funnily enough, first made by jean francois six weeks ago: i considered
}that this was not a Good Thing at the time...) to the password api.
}as password.c calls smb_password_check() in password_ok(), i considered
}that it would be best to pass in the username and the passwords to these
}functions, then to return a struct smb_passwd (or struct passwd) iff the
}username exists and the password is correct.
}the unix_password_check() function is for clear-text cases; it is
}completely irrelevant when "encrypted passwords = yes".  likewise,
}smb_password_check() and smb_password_chal() and also NT domain logins are
}completely irrelevant when "encrypted passwords = no".
}what you reckon?  can you write these three functions into huji.c?

	yes, but shouldn't smb_password_check also supply the session key?

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