Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Jul 31 02:09:30 GMT 1998

> See

Thanks, that looks good (in fact, perhaps overkill!)

The only bit I don't like is DEBUGHDR() with the file and function
name. I think we should never be typing the file and function name
ourselves. Otherwise it will surely get out of date as routines move,
function names change etc. 

I know that means we only get file:line on some (many?) platforms, but
I think that is quite good enough. (in fact, file:line gives you more
precise info than the function name gives!)

I suppose this is a similar issue to the auto-proto stuff. I am a
strong believer in never typing something which is already
available. It just leads to mistakes.

We have file:line available on all platforms. We have file:function
available on many. Let's use them!

	   Cheers, Tridge

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