getting cvs tree through the firewall

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Fri Jul 31 01:33:16 GMT 1998

> I'm very happy we're finally looking towards autoconf...
> How do a get a working copy of the autoconf code?
> I looked at how cvs works, and I don't see a way to run
> cvs through a firewall (it supports sun proxy programs, and
> http/ftp/gopher access through port 8000)

You can always get the latest head branch code in several ways:

1) via anonymous cvs, which would require outgoing access to tcp port 2401

2) via anonymous ftp from
note that this gives you individual files. Its up to you how to
download them all :-)

3) via http from
same comment as for ftp.

4) via anonymous rsync at
(see for info on rsync). This requires
external access to tcp port 873.

If you want to update your local copy regularly as changes are made
then use (1) or (4). The fastest is (4) but it doesn't do merging, so
you lose any local modifications when you sync.

Please only use (2) or (3) if you really need to. They are very

	     Cheers, Tridge

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