Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu Jul 30 23:35:56 GMT 1998

Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
> I have *documented* the stuff I'm doing with Debug.
> (cool, eh?)
> See
> NOTE:  This is a DRAFT.  I like the design and have it working here, but
> have not checked it in yet because it still needs a bit of polish and
> testing.  I also have to finish ripping the debug stuff out of util.c and
> putting it into debug.c.
> So, now's your chance.  If you don't like what I've done, let me know
> before I commit it.


	Looks good - only one comment :

> format_debug_text() 
>     This is a static function in debug.c. It stores the output text for the body of the message in a buffer until it
>     encounters a newline. 

Just make sure it checks for buffer overruns.

Call me paranoid but.... :-).



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