Christopher R. Hertel crh at NTS.Umn.EDU
Thu Jul 30 22:52:07 GMT 1998

I have *documented* the stuff I'm doing with Debug.

(cool, eh?)


NOTE:  This is a DRAFT.  I like the design and have it working here, but
have not checked it in yet because it still needs a bit of polish and
testing.  I also have to finish ripping the debug stuff out of util.c and
putting it into debug.c. 

So, now's your chance.  If you don't like what I've done, let me know 
before I commit it.

Andrew:  It basically works using __FILE__ and __FUNCTION__, but the Indy 
         doesn't support __FUNCTION__ so I have added a macro that takes 
         file and function names as parameters.  Personally, I'd like 
         this to be used because it ensures that the function and file
         names are always there.  Another option is to put them into the
         body of the message, but then you can't parse them out.

         Of course, the __FILE__ and __FUNCTION__ solution works with the 
         DEBUG() macro, which means that we don't have to convert 
         everything all at once.  No pressure.

         Anyway, I've left our options open so we can choose the style we
         like.  Perhaps we can make it a topic of discussion when we meet 
         at CIFS or at the Samba User's Conference that Jeremy's putting 
         together (Jeremy?).  ;)

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