autoconf merge done

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Jul 29 03:47:26 GMT 1998

I've finished merging the autoconf changes into the main CVS
branch. The tree is now unlocked again.

Please report any problems with the autoconf conversion to this list. 

A number of issues I am aware of:

- the autoconf stuff does not do anything to help the non-unix
  ports. For those ports that can't do autoconf the maintainers will
  need to supply a config.h and Makefile (or whetever is appropriate)
  for that platform. I suggest that these be put in platform specific
  subdirectories (ie. that we have source/VMS/ in the tree).

- pam is currently automatically enabled if the platform has the pam
  headers and libraries. I may change this to use a --with-pam switch
  instead as some people with pam libraries may not want to use pam.

- the unixes that I have no access to will probably need some work in and includes.h. In particular I suspect that some SCO
  varients and probably nextstep will currently be broken. As I have no
  access to these OSes I am relying on people that do have access to
  send patches. 

- what else?

NOTE: Please do not send huge "#ifdef WEIRD_PLATFORM" patches. I will
just junk them. Instead add tests for the features of that
platform. The autoconf philsophy is to test for _features_ not OS
versions and to have #ifdef sections based on those features. Testing
for OS varients is a last resort only. We still have some OS tests in
Samba, but that is mainly because I needed to cut corners to get this
conversion done in a reasonable time period. I won't be so lax with
patches from other people :-)

	Cheers, Tridge

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