quotas volunteer - or no quotas

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.anu.edu.au
Tue Jul 28 01:50:11 GMT 1998

The support for disk quotas in Samba is badly broken. There are 2 main
reasons for this:

1) none of the core developers use quotas, so we don't test it
2) code to handle quotas is _very_ system specific

What we need is for someone to volunteer to redo the quotas code in a
clean fashion. They need to be particularly careful about security -
many systems require that euid==0 when quota calls are made and right
now the uid handling in the quotas code is atrocious. It probably
contains security holes.

If we don't get a volunteer then I am going to remove the existing
quotas code completely. I would rather people live without quotas code
than enable it only to find that it is badly broken (or insecure).

In a few days time the code on the HEAD branch will be converted to
using autoconf. It should be possible for someone to write a bunch of
autoconf tests to see what quota code to include. 

Do we have a volunteer?

   Cheers, Tridge

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