Getting 1.9.19 and 2.0 branches

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Jul 22 13:42:49 GMT 1998

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi pholks,
> to make sure that my work is not wasted, and that I am not causing others
> (eg, Jeremy) too much effort, how do I pull over a specific branch, eg
> 1.9.19, or 2.0?

The only active branches are 1.9.18 and 1.9.19 (ie. there
is no 2.0 yet).

1.9.18 is nearly dead (ie. it should be in maintanence
mode, I'm only adding the occasional bugfix to it now).

To pull 1.9.18 do

cvs co -r BRANCH_1_9_18 samba

and then to keep it up to date do :

cvs update -d -P

To pull 1.9.19 do:

cvs co samba

and then to keep it up to date use 

cvs update -d -P


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