Problems with server.c???

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Jul 22 13:28:55 GMT 1998

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi, I was making my changes to the code from the current source tree, and I
> noticed the following:
> Files was sized to MAX_OPEN_FILES+MAX_OPEN_DIRS, but I have found code that
> does the following:
>   for (i=0;i<MAX_OPEN_FILES;i++)
>     if( Files[i].cnum == cnum && Files[i].open) {
>       if(Files[i].is_directory)
>         close_directory(i);
>       else
>         close_file(i,False);
> This is trying to close all open files and directories, but it seems that
> it could lead to bugs if the number of open files + directories exceeds

Yep, it's my bug. I'll fix it (sorry).


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