W95 and Dial up Networking

Harry Ford hford at economeister.com
Tue Jul 21 16:07:10 GMT 1998

I have looked and lurked among windows users, but no one seems to know the
answer -- so I thought I'd ask the UNIX users :)

What exactly is going on when a W95 machine "Logs into the network" if
there are no PDC's, BDC, or NT domains at all?

I have a pc that I'm trying to dial into the home office with (Samba server
on sunOS, WINS support, the whole deal) it will log in successfully the
first time -- you can see shares, net neighborhood, no prob. then
disconnect -- and try to reconnect, and the dial in dialog hangs at
"Logging into network" for a while, and no more net neighbors.

I thought maybe it was DNS resolution of the WINS address, but that's
turned off in the registry.  baffling.  should I configure my samba server
to support domain logons?


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