SMBMount for Solaris

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Jul 20 12:54:28 GMT 1998

Edan Idzerda wrote:
> I've been quietly writing an smb filesystem (or cifs) for Solaris for
> a few months now.  That is, I started writing one earlier this year and
> haven't worked on it for a couple months now.  It's not part of my job
> description and I happen to like being outside too much.  ;)

	Perhaps I can help a bit: one of my colleagues, Clement Ng,
	did a short talk last year about his experiences writing 
	an add-on filesystem for Solaris, using the
	information Sun provided in the DDK (the device-driver
	writer's kit).

	Now all I have to do is find him (:-))

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