SMBMount for SunOS

Edan Idzerda edan at
Mon Jul 20 05:08:48 GMT 1998

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Adrian de Bear wrote:

> I am systems Administrator for a small company in Canberra that is very
> interested in using Samba over the commercial alternatives.  I was wondering
> if there is a version of SMBMount for SunOS and if there isn't will there be
> one.

Don't forget about smbclient.. you can do a lot with it :)

I've been quietly writing an smb filesystem (or cifs) for Solaris for 
a few months now.  That is, I started writing one earlier this year and
haven't worked on it for a couple months now.  It's not part of my job
description and I happen to like being outside too much.  ;)

I have much of the kernel interface done, but I've been stalling on 
the next major design decisions.  That is, whether to do the actual 
smb/cifs layer in the kernel (like Linux's smbfs) or to do it with a
user level daemon (like the AFS client Arla).  And, "where's that code
going to come from?" is another good one. 

I was hoping to have a working beta this summer, but with my current
project list this fall is an optimistic estimate.  I'll be better able
to tell when I've started working on it seriously again.

You might want to take a look at Sharity.  It's not a "real" filesystem,
it's not free, but the author seems like a sharp enough guy and knows
a hell of a lot more about smb than I do.  Oh, and it's actually a real
product and not just crackware that I'm smoking.  ;)

Sharity used to be available at but I can't seem to get to it
right now.  Maybe the URL has changed, but it's not reflected on the samba
web pages.  

Hope this helped :)

- edan

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