Mods to smbstatus

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Sat Jul 18 23:03:08 GMT 1998


recently I found that smbstatus did not give me enough options and control.

I found that I only wanted a list of the locks that were held, or only
wanted the shares that were being accessed, so I thought that I would
modify smbstatus to have the following behaviour:

Extra flags:

   -L and -S

Without these flags, smbstatus does exactly the same as it currently does.

With the -L flag, it only prints out locks (and if the -u flag specified a
user, or the -s flag specified a share, then it will print out locks
specific to those items).

With the -S flag, it only prints out shares (and etc ...)

Can anyone suggest any other facilities that might be required or does
anyone have any concerns with the choice of flags?

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