Problems With WinWord mail merge, opening and closing files

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Jul 17 12:52:54 GMT 1998


today I encountered a problem at a customer site with Samba 1.9.19p1alpha2.

The customer was using mail merge, and when they tried to use it, Word
complained that a file was locked by someone else.  The user was sure that
no one else had that file open.

We checked, and indeed, it as not open for anyone else, and there were no
other locks on it, except for one owned by the user.

I then got a trace of the whole process, from staring up word and opening
the file.

It seems that mail merge opens the file for reading and then closes it and
reopens it again quickly.  I have not looked carefully at the trace or the
code yet, but is it possible that Samba is getting confused with the open
happening quickly after the close?

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