Samba advertising as Primary Domain Controller

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Tue Jul 14 17:01:16 GMT 1998

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi,
> I have run into a group who have a bunch of Windows NT servers on a wan.
> They have a PDC and several BDCs among the Windows NT machines.
> They are also running Samba (1.9.18p4) and they want it to participate in
> the domain, but not as a PDC.  They essentially want the Samba machine to
> defer security decissions to the Windows NT PDC.
> However, they seem to have a problem, in that the Samba machine seems to be
> advertising itself as a PDC, and the Windows NT machines believe it.
> Can anyone suggest what the problem might be? I will be going there soon to
> look into the problem.

So long as 'domain master = false' then Samba will
not announce itself as a pdc. You may also want to
set 'domain logons = false' if it was set also.



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