Beta5 and cut-n-paste.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Thu Dec 31 07:02:54 GMT 1998

> Looks like a cut and paste problem with 
> .... 
> Makefile:297: *** missing separator. Stop. 
> .... 
> @BROKEN_CC@ -mv `basename $@` $@ 
>              ^ 
>              A tab, not spaces. 

Arggghhhh. Goddammit you're right of course.
And I *tested* this thing before ship on 
Solaris 2.5/2.6, HPUX 10.x, AIX 4.x, IRIX 6.x
and RedHat Linux 5.x......

But I couldn't test on a platform that turned on
that macro....

Sorry (you were right, it was cut-n-paste)

I'll fix it asap (over the weekend).


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