Samba 1.9.18p10 vs 1.9.16p11 and Eudora 3.01 problems

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Dec 22 02:40:59 GMT 1998

Hi everyone,

I have come across a strange problem with a friends site. He is running
1.9.16p11, and has lots of users using Eudora 3.01 with their mailbox files
up on file services served by Samba. 

Recently, under my urging, he moved to 1.9.18p10, only to find a problem
with Eudora and mailboxes.  If they moved messages between mailboxes, the
next time they open the recipient mailbox, they get a dialog message up
saying that the toc was out of date with respect to the mailbox file.

I have looked at a trace, and apart from the egregious things Eudora is
doing, like lots of zero length writes of its ini file, it closes the TOC
file before it closes the MBX file. 

And in the close of the MBX, it looks like the update time is being set in
1.9.18p10 to the close time or the time specified in the close.  At least
things are different between 1.9.18p10 and 1.9.16p11. 

Has anyone seen this problem and can anyone comment?

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