Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sun Dec 20 02:56:01 GMT 1998

> ah, good point.  it would be useful for there to be code in samba that
> says:
> if (name_type == 0x1b)
> {
> 	process_getbackuplist_req(...)
> }
> instead of just accepting it from any netbios name, which is completely
> wrong.

why? Is there some client that sends a getbackuplistreq to the "wrong"
netbios name? If there is, then why should be refuse to reply?

Adding code that checks for harmless things that clients don't do is
pointless and just adds code bloat.

In network programming you should only refuse requests that have
unexpeceted parameters if not refusing them will cause a problem
(especially a security problem). There are no problems with accepting
getbackuplist on any locally registered netbios name, so we shouldn't
add code to check for it. Especially as we don't know of any clients
that will do this!

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